11 Best B2C Lead Generation Strategies That Work in 2022

11 Best B2C Lead Generation Strategies That Work in 2022

Looking to generate more B2C leads and sales, but aren’t sure where to start?

The secret lies in B2C marketing! There’s a fair bit of overlap with B2B marketing and B2C marketing, however, there are some distinct differences you should consider when planning a B2C lead generation campaign.

Remember, when communicating directly with the consumer, you’re talking to a much larger audience with varied needs, opinions and incomes, so your messaging needs to reflect this and communicate in a broad, welcoming way.

Top Strategies for B2C Lead Generation

The key to B2C marketing? It should never feel like marketing to the end consumer! Our B2C specialists have put together 11 of the best B2C lead generation strategies for you to try out in 2022 and beyond.

1. Video content, video content, video content!

The easiest, and most direct method of communicating with consumers is via video.

The average customer is between 2x and 20x more likely to engage with video content than any other content, meaning that if you’re selling your product/service to the end consumer, you’ll be at a serious disadvantage if you’re not using video content. 

Try creating:

  • Short explainer videos
  • Tips and tricks
  • Demonstrations
  • TikTok/Instagram Reels showing off products
  • Video ads

You may also choose to experiment with live stream content, which is an excellent opportunity to engage directly with your audience.

2. B2C content marketing & SEO

B2C content should revolve around answering questions.

While this is also true for B2B content, if you can answer your audience’s questions, you’ll start to see a huge boost in sales/enquiries (especially if the answer is your product!).

When we say huge, we mean it – on average, B2C businesses generate roughly 3 times more leads (compared to other outbound marketing) by using content. Not only this, but it’s significantly cheaper, too – win-win!

Need to revamp your content? Talk to our content marketing specialists today & generate more leads!

3. Automated email marketing for B2C

Emails are incredibly powerful, even if they feel a little outdated; it’s a direct communication link with a potential customer – every B2C business’ dream!

However, when sending out thousands of emails, it’s easy to lose that personal touch. That’s where email automation comes in.

Imagine you receive two identical emails, but one starts with ‘Hi there,’ and the other starts with ‘Hi Jim,’. If your name is Jim, you’ll be much happier to receive the personalised email, and that’s the beauty of automation – you can automatically add in the recipient’s name, giving the immediate impression of your email being just for them. 

This can, according to research, increase open rates by 327.75%. The more eyes on your B2C content, the better, so personalising your emails is a must!

4. Social ads

Ever been scrolling through your favourite social media channel and, suddenly, there’s an ad for something you’d searched for a few days ago?

That’s because marketers target social ads to your market preferences and interests – something that you should be doing with your B2C audience!

You need, on average, 8 touchpoints before you make a sale. This means that someone may have seen your social post, visited your website, read a blog and disengaged before seeing your social ad and finally deciding to click through and buy from you. 

Persistence is key, and social ads are a great way to maintain front of mind awareness. You want to be the brand they think of when they decide that it’s time to make a purchase. If your ads have been floating around on their socials for weeks, who do you think they’ll call?

A: It’s not the Ghostbusters.

5. Improve user experience on your website 

All of your hard work is fruitless if your website is slow, clunky or difficult to use.

In order for it to convert, you need to ensure that:

  • Your site loads quickly
  • It looks good and on brand
  • Navigation is easy
  • Calls to action are enticing and clickable
  • There is relevant content linked (to recapture their attention if they’re not ready to buy)

This is especially important in B2C sales & marketing, as consumers have significantly shorter attention spans and need to be engaged immediately in order to make a sale. 

6. Social listening

We’re not talking about spy movie eavesdropping, we’re talking about listening to what your customers (or the customers of competitors) are saying on social media. 

Understanding what consumers are saying is invaluable. If they’re saying they love something about your product/service, then hammer that message home. If you see that they’re frustrated with a competitor, make sure that your messaging includes how you solve that pain point. Small changes like this can make a huge difference to your conversion rate

In B2C lead generation, you can also answer questions directly on your social media channels, leaving a customer satisfied, and onlookers impressed.

7. Develop a unique & engaging social media presence

Many B2C channels create a fun & engaging social media presence. This doesn’t always work in B2B, as lots of people want to keep things professional, but in B2C you can really play around with how you communicate with your audience.

You’ll likely have seen examples of fast-food chains sharing banter online, much to the delight of everyone following it. This is great for all parties involved; everyone comes out looking good, and you help to maintain that all-important brand awareness.

8. Implement a chatbot to keep potential customers interested

Chatbots have come a long way, with many using natural language processing to help them talk to potential customers as if there was a real human behind the screen.

Many studies show that people visiting your website will often be reluctant to fill out a form and surrender their details, but they will quite happily talk to a chatbot in order to get instant answers to their queries.

It all comes back around to experience. While the visitor talking to your chatbot may not convert then and there, they will leave you having had a great experience on your website, and will be far more likely to visit again when they’re ready to purchase. 

9. Pop-up offers

Presenting the visitor with an offer can be a tantalising prospect, especially if they’re on the cusp of a purchase anyway. 

This might be in the form of X% off, buy one get one free, or a discount on future purchases. It doesn’t have to be much, but it can be the last push needed to get customers across the line. 

10. Create a convenience quiz 

If you’ve got a lot of products, you may find yourself overwhelming potential customers. A convenience quiz may well be the answer!

Not only will it help visitors to navigate to the exact products they need, it’s also a great opportunity to conduct a little market research too, as you’ll find out exactly what the people clicking on your website are after.

11. Don’t neglect remarketing

No matter how good your campaigns are, and no matter how well targeted your ads are, most visitors to your site won’t convert into leads immediately. 

That’s why remarketing is so important. Remarketing is the act of serving tailored, targeted ads to people who have visited or taken an action on your website. 

This is a fantastic way to follow up with potential customers and to draw them back in down the line when they’re ready to convert. 

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