HubSpot Connect: All Your Apps, Integrated

HubSpot Connect: All Your Apps

As a Hubspot Gold Certified Agency Partner, Catalyst are particularly well-equipped to keep you updated with the latest developments in the world of Hubspot – this blog is the second in our series specially designed to keep you at the forefront of all things Hubspot and Inbound Marketing.

Hubspot Connect
In today’s world, great business is underpinned by the software that governs it. After all, robust software systems are enablers; they enable the wide range of functional areas within your business to operate more reliably, quickly and effectively than ever. This is great, but what happens when your business’s functional areas all use different software to meet  their unique needs? After all, each team will have a different, equally valid viewpoint of how the business engages with customers and prospects.

Often different teams inadvertently fall into information silos or are forced to adopt workarounds as a result of software systems that aren’t compatible with each other. This is where HubSpot Connect comes in.

Prior to the introduction of this latest development, Hubspot has been the leader in not only the automation of marketing, but in integrating every aspects of sales and marketing functionality, meaning cross-functionality and compatibility with sales tools such as Salesforce, for instance.

Now, however, HubSpot have seriously upped their game – transforming themselves from a self-proclaimed “most in one” solution, to a truly “all in one” integrated business platform. It is bigger than sales and marketing.

HubSpot Connect is HubSpot’s attempt to synchronise events, finance, marketing and sales platforms – after researching the most popular software solutions used in the business world, they pursued integration opportunities to create an unrivalled level cross-compatibility. In short, Hubspot Connect means you can enjoy all your software, connected; all your apps, together at last.

Integration Partners
All of this is great in theory, but naturally, the power of this update lies in the partners themselves – to give you an idea of the scope of HubSpot Connect, we have provided a table below, outlining the current integration partners:


In terms of details, the integrations themselves are essentially centred on a combination of three primary elements.

Data Integration
Hubspot imports data directly from integration partners into its software, offering a whole host of practical solutions. For instance, through Eventbrite integration, you will be able to import data directly into HubSpot Contacts from guests who have registered for an event in Eventbrite – awesome.

Contact Timeline
In addition, HubSpot also reports that timeline events will populate for integrations that you have activated in HubSpot Sales and Marketing tools meaning that, for instance, with the Zendesk integration you’ll be able to view support tickets directly on a contact’s timeline within the HubSpot CRM. This also extends to HubSpot’s Marketing tools, allowing you to see timeline events such as a contact viewing specific SlideShare decks.

Lists and Workflows
Finally, HubSpot are also integrating signals from its wide range of partners, allowing you to segment lists and build workflows based on your integrations.

Having already revolutionised the world of  marketing, Hubspot is a platform that should be on every business’s agenda at some point. Given these new changes, Catalyst are confident that the company will continue to create development that make it even more easy to provide the awesome level of inbound marketing service we offer our clients.