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What is HubSpot’s Sales Hub?

The purpose of the Sales Hub is to consolidate all of your sales processes into one bitesize CRM. 

Track deals, send quote and keep your sales team organised. It’s the most comprehensive suite of sales tools available, combining comprehensive pipelines with powerful reporting tools, providing your sales team with everything they need to drive more sales across the line.

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Key features & benefits

Deal pipelines

The easiest way to track a deal from start to finish.

HubSpot’s sales pipelines are designed to take the pressure off your sales team, allowing them to focus on building relationships and closing deals. With easy prospect tracking, full contact logs, automated task management and more, there’s never been a more efficient way to manage a sales pipeline.

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We worked with Catalyst for our HubSpot onboarding and implementation for our Sales and Marketing teams. Throughout this process, the Catalyst team offered top line support, both via meetings and over emails; we were never long waiting for a response and he was always free to have a meeting on short notice. For the majority of us it was the first time using HubSpot, but Morgan broke down seemingly daunting tasks into manageable feats, and provided us with advice and bespoke support tailored to our needs as opposed to a standard off the shelf service. Would recommend to anybody looking for support or onboarding with HubSpot.
Kianda - Cathal McElgunn

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Beginner's Guide to HubSpot

Our free Beginner’s Guide to HubSpot is the perfect place to start your HubSpot journey.

Beginner's Guide to HubSpot

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Helping our friends at Purbeck grow better with inbound marketing.

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Purbeck have renewed for four years straight with Catalyst. The reason? We’re consistently delivering results.

From onboarding them onto HubSpot and creating their website through to segmented and behavioural based email workflows, content, PPC and SEO. We have it all covered.

And the results speak for themselves. Read more about their journey with us.

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