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Bespoke onboarding to suit your unique needs

Onboarding into any software is a pretty personal thing – no two people learn the same way, and no two teams use HubSpot in the same way.

As a result, we tailor every single onboarding session to meet your unique needs, either showing your people how to complete HubSpot tasks, handling it all on your behalf, or a mixture of the two.

By taking the time to learn what makes your business tick, we’ll ensure you get the most out of your time onboarding with our specialists.

Here’s how it works

Our onboarding process

Gather requirements

We’ll sit down with your team on a kick-off call, learning all about your business, how you use HubSpot (or plan to use it!), and align goals and KPIs before taking the next steps.

This part of the process is essential, as it informs everything we do throughout the rest of your onboarding.

HubSpot Onboarding Costs

The key to HubSpot success is getting it set up right.

Our HubSpot specialists work with your team, getting you up to speed and ensuring you make the most out of the platform in the long term.



All packages include:

    Guided Onboarding

    Ideal for businesses who:

    Guided onboarding is best for those who need help and guidance of ‘how’ to set up HubSpot for success, but want their team to conduct the necessary tasks.

    What's included*
    • Discovery meeting
    • Team sessions led by a HubSpot expert
    • Tasks set and work review
    • Full handover
    Guided Onboarding starts at £700 + VAT depending on your HubSpot subscription

    *option to buy additonal


    Consultancy Led Onboarding

    Ideal for businesses who:

    Consultancy led onboarding is perfect for businesses with limited internal resources and want all of the onboarding to be handled by a HubSpot partner. 

    What's included*
    • Discovery meeting
    • All tasks completed by Catalyst
    • Full walkthrough and explanation of what has been completed
    • Full handover
    Consultancy Led Onboarding starts at £1000 + VAT depending on your HubSpot subscription

    *option to buy additonal


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    The sooner you complete your onboarding, the sooner you’ll start to see true value from HubSpot. 

    HubSpot themselves recommend us to their customers. Learn why by clicking the link below and having a chat with a member of our specialist HubSpot team.

    We had a great experience onboarding with Catalyst, who were always happy to help and get to the bottom of any questions we had. We feel confident moving forward with HubSpot now we've completed our onboarding and have a good understanding of the platform's capabilities
    Tissino - Lauren Mason

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