Make Ads Easy With The HubSpot Ads Add-on

Make Ads Easy With The HubSpot Ads Add-on

In being a proud HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner, we at Catalyst are committed to keeping you updated with HubSpot’s latest developments and this blog is the third in our “sneak peek” series, a series of blogs focusing specifically on HubSpot’s new Add-ons, products and features. Within this blog, we focus on the introduction of HubSpot’s “Ads” Add-on and how it can help you create, measure and leverage ads with absolute ease.

The ROI Problem

As anyone with experience in this arena can attest to, getting to grips with PPC and Social ads can be a difficult task and there are often steep learning curves involved in learning how to use the requisite, often intimidating software.

As a result, many online marketers using ads end up focusing on metrics that are not particularly useful in gauging ROI. For example, many marketers using ads opt to analyse click-based metrics such as traffic, Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rates (CTR) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

The problem then is that this prevents marketers from gaining an accurate view of how much money their ads generate for their business, which in turn can prevent them from getting the most out of, or knowing exactly what contributed to, successful and profitable campaigns.

A New Way To Create, Measure and Leverage Ads

In response to this common problem, HubSpot have introduced a new feature that they refer to as the “easiest way to create, measure and leverage ads for inbound marketing”, the Ads Add-on.

Offering the ability to create Adwords and Linkedin Ad campaigns right inside HubSpot, the Ads Add-on provides users with all the requisite information for leveraging and measuring ads.

Through the Ads Add-on, not only will you be able to effortlessly build great ads that support existing campaigns and allow for the accurate analysis of ROI, but you will also be able to see which ads convert the most leads and customers without even having to set up a single tracking code.

Bringing Google, LinkedIn and HubSpot Together

As part of the Add-on, HubSpot are to offer access to two proven leaders in the field of B2B advertising solutions, LinkedIn and Google. Testament to the scope of this collaboration, it is important to note that half of all the world’s professionals are on LinkedIn and we are all already familiar with Google’s dominance in the advertising realm.

Speaking on this marriage of their Ads Add-on with LinkedIn, which has already been rolled out, HubSpot have stated that they are “excited to build LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates into the Ads Add-on [because] Sponsored Updates only amplify content making it easy for [clients] to reach more prospects through content campaigns”.

At Catalyst, this is an excitement we also share and we are eager to extend this service to our inbound marketing clients to help them maximise the return on their paid media investments.

This brings us swiftly to the following point.

Who Is The Add-On For?

If you are having trouble deciding whether this feature can benefit your business, below we outline the segments we feel can best benefit from the Add-on:


Those who have tested and trialled paid ads and are eager to use them but are unsure how to get started. 


Those who have used or are currently using paid ads, yet rely on click-based metrics as a means of measuring ROI.


Those who use paid ads and have an idea of how to gauge ROI but are struggling with optimisation.


Agencies that are using paid ads as part of their clients’ campaigns but are finding it difficult to prove the value and ROI to them.

If you fall into one of the above camps, the good news is that this Add-on was designed with you and your needs in mind. What’s more, by entrusting an expert agency like
Catalyst that is heavily experienced in delivering effective inbound marketing strategies, you can truly leverage the benefits of this new development and not only improve your paid media ROI, but start measuring it, properly.