HubSpot has improved its Workflows

HubSpot has improved its Workflows

Lead nurturing is about keeping your leads engaged with your company, and showing them you understand their needs. Knowing where your contacts are in their buyer’s journey means you can provide better quality, timely, and contextual content that relates to their specific needs, and thus move them down the funnel to where they become a customer. HubSpot Workflows can help you automate this lead nurturing process and this process has now been improved.

List segmentation is now available to create if/then branching logic in workflows, allowing you to use some, but not all, of the segmentation criteria from Lists – it has been expanded to include all possible options for segmentation.

Using if/then logic in the past often meant you had to create a dedicated list which resulted in the same issues: the segmentation process was kept outside of Workflows, making it hard to grasp the full picture and to troubleshoot. It also made the Lists tool untidy with lots of one-off lists for Workflow branches.

The new update prevents nuisances like this occurring as you will no longer have to leave the Workflows tool to create powerful if/then branches. The new options available are Company Property, Deal Property, Workflow Status, and any integration events (e.g. GoToWebinar attendance, SurveyMonkey submissions, Wistia views).

It’s also now possible to refine by date for form submissions, email, pageviews, and events. You can combine any of these criteria with AND and OR logic as well.

Let’s imagine that you want to build an if/then branch in your workflow for targeted nurturing of contacts from large companies who showed interest by visiting your pricing page at least twice. Before, you would have to create a list to incorporate that logic. With the new if/then logic, you can do this right in your workflow, like so:    

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