Stackin’ Hubs & Takin’ Names – Our Personal Guarantee to Purbeck

Stackin’ Hubs & Takin’ Names – Our Personal Guarantee to Purbeck


Purbeck saw a gap in the market, and they knew what needed to be done. 

Company directors up and down the UK are using their own assets as personal guarantee security against business loans. Should their business fail, they could lose their homes and much more.

That’s where Purbeck come in.

Purbeck cover up to 80% of the risk on any personal guarantee – a service that did not exist before Purbeck pioneered it. This posed one substantial conundrum, our challenge:

How do we let people know about this awesome, unique service that no one else on the planet offers?

Nobody knew what Purbeck’s product was. They needed a full education campaign and an immaculately handled inbound marketing methodology.

Their goal? To encourage growth through lead generation opportunities, aiming for 10 applications per day. 

However, their existing marketing wasn’t working for them. They were struggling to generate leads, and when they did, they weren’t quite right. 

This is why they approached Catalyst

Purbeck had all of the elements for success, but needed expert support to ensure they got the most out of their marketing spend. 

Understanding the unique challenge ahead of us, we quickly got to work, optimising their website using HubSpot’s CMS, and creating an inbound marketing strategy using the Marketing Hub. 

“Catalyst invested in our relationship in terms of taking the time to understand us. They’re aligned with the long-term success of our business.”

          – Todd Davison, Managing Director, Purbeck Insurance

The Solution

Following a comprehensive Growth Audit, where we got under the skin of their business, analysed their current processes, and identified new opportunities that we could exploit, we knew exactly what we needed to do to get Purbeck noticed.

We proposed a branding and marketing revamp, using HubSpot’s CMS, CRM, Sales and Marketing Hubs to:

  • Fully optimise their existing websiteWe carefully rebuilt their site, creating a clear, concise and informative experience in HubSpot’s CMS, all designed with accessibility and education at the forefront.
  • Implement automated email workflows The Marketing Hub’s automation capabilities allowed us to target large quantities of relevant data with tailored messaging that hit the right pain points, driving leads into Purbeck’s sales pipeline.
  • Plan & distribute social advertisingSocial advertising was a large part of Purbeck’s initial campaign, and our ‘exposed’ series helped their unique brand to stand out.
  • Extensive use of HubSpot’s CRMPurbeck use HubSpot’s CRM to great effect; it’s allowed their sales team to keep on top of the large quantity of applications they receive and manage their day-to-day sales pipeline.
  • Construct a chatbot When driving high volumes of traffic, it wasn’t always easy for the team to keep up, meaning that HubSpot’s chat bot functionality was the answer. This takes the pressure off and answers questions on behalf of the team, and has positively impacted application rate. 

In addition to this, we also performed:

  • A messaging overhaulThis brought their business’ proposition up to speed, matching their sleek new website.
  • PPC optimisation Our team of PPC specialists took over Purbeck’s PPC, optimising and ensuring that their ads were driving the right traffic.
  • A content revampWe now help to manage all of Purbeck’s content, producing monthly blogs and any ad-hoc content that’s required. 
  • Brand development We helped Purbeck to position themselves as confident market leaders. Their look is clear and clean; we repurposed this aesthetic into a highly successful social ad campaign.


A selection from Purbeck’s initial social advertising campaign.

The Results speak for themselves

Once we had implemented HubSpot’s inbound marketing methodology, the results really did speak for themselves:

  • 972% increase in organic traffic per quarter
  • 1,860% more monthly blog visits
  • 200% increase in enquiries
  • 15% better website conversion
  • 107% increase to social following

Purbeck knew that they needed a solid marketing strategy, but they weren’t sure where to start. Their updated website and messaging is aligned with their customers’ needs, their carefully constructed blog is driving traffic, and their ongoing messaging campaigns are bringing in warm leads that are converting. 

Their growth was exponential, and has continued trending upwards over the course of our four-year (so far) relationship!

pasted image 0-1

A graph showing the growth of Purbeck’s organic traffic from the start of our partnership.

The Impact

With Purbeck now established as frontrunners in the personal guarantee insurance game (an industry they helped to form), we refused to let them lose momentum!

Over the years we’ve continued to innovate Purbeck’s marketing strategy, we:

  • Manage their content, helping to educate their audience on various industry-related topics (after all, education is paramount when selling a relatively new product). 
  • Update their SEO to keep them in the #1 spot on Google, a position that they’ve held throughout our partnership. 
  • Run regular PPC campaigns in order to keep warm leads flowing.
  • Manage their HubSpot, regularly helping their team with any ad-hoc HubSpot requirements.
  • Run regular social ads to continue driving relevant traffic to their website.


With Catalyst’s help, Purbeck have maintained the #1 spot on Google for years now.


“Catalyst helped us to develop and implement an ongoing and evolving marketing strategy which is focused on achieving our objectives; this centred around HubSpot, utilising its CRM, workflows and our website. One of our KPIs (enquiry rate) has increased 200% since engaging with Catalyst, and they provide high quality deliverables”.

          – Todd Davison, Managing Director, Purbeck Insurance


Our goal was to ensure that Purbeck’s end users had the easiest, most convenient user experience possible. In doing so, we made sure that the application process was snag free, making it much easier for visitors to their site to apply.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. 

Purbeck offer a revolutionary service, and our team at Catalyst help to shine a spotlight on it using HubSpot’s powerful tools and comprehensive automation capabilities, creating and managing a website that is incredibly intuitive, and maintaining an inbound marketing strategy that continues to drive growth year on year.