HubSpot – The Perfect Growth Partner?

So, you want to grow your business…


…What’s your plan?


Spreadsheets filled with data, word documents scrawled with notes, sales conversations noted down on the back of receipts?


A modern business can’t operate in the same sloppy way that businesses in the past did. Your sales process needs to be slick, your marketing needs to be salient and your customer service needs to be top notch.


How are you going to do that without a CRM (customer relationship management) platform designed specifically to streamline your processes and drive your ongoing growth?


Unfortunately, you simply won’t see the growth you want without a platform like HubSpot in your corner. 


HubSpot is the perfect partner to business growth, but only if you want:

  • Better lead management
  • Improved retention of clients
  • Boosted conversions through the sales process

Sound good? Here’s how HubSpot will make your life easier:


HubSpot’s smaller packages can be upgraded as your business grows

There’s no need for you to go the whole hog right from the start. 

In fact, we highly recommend starting small, finding out what works for you and upgrading from there only when you’re ready. 

Sure, HubSpot will try their best to get you to upgrade, but there’s really no need until you actually require it. 

SMEs that we work with often use:

  • Starter Hubs – These come with reduced functionality, but are great to get the ball rolling.
  • Free hub options – HubSpot offer a free suite of foundational sales, marketing, service, content, operations and commerce tools.
  • Free trials – When you’re ready to upgrade, we suggest starting with a trial, trying the new features and deciding whether they’re right for you. 

The beauty of this is that there’s never any rush to grow, and you can upgrade your CRM at a pace that makes sense for your business. 

If you’re ever unsure about whether you should upgrade, or what your next HubSpot steps should be, you can always talk to your friendly neighbourhood HubSpot experts. We can help you manage your spend, ensuring you only purchase the number of marketing contacts that you actually require, meaning you’re not paying for contacts you don’t use.  


HubSpot has drag & drop functionality

This is one of our favourite features of HubSpot, as it’s easy to use and super intuitive, even for those who aren’t as tech savvy. 

HubSpot allows you to drag and drop to build landing pages and emails. Simply choose the modules you want, drag them into place and edit them to your heart’s content.

These tools make it much easier to create functional marketing collateral without a big team working on it. Should you want to elevate your modules and emails, you can always partner with a marketing agency to build custom modules, create designs specific to your audience and refine them based on data. 


HubSpot allows you to better manage leads

Have you ever had a lead that just kinda…fell through the cracks?

It’s not unusual; we’ve heard all kinds of stories about what could have been – The One That Got Away.

HubSpot makes sure that you never miss a deal, that follow-ups always happen and that your sales and marketing efforts are fully aligned at all times. Missing opportunities means stagnated growth; you want to ensure that you are capitalising on every single prospect. HubSpot ensures that you can:

  • Track contacts during campaigns, noting their engagement levels
  • Send relevant content at the right time, boosting conversion rates
  • More easily move contacts through your pipeline stages
  • Tie workflows to your pipeline to continue sending relevant content
  • Set up marketing reminders for your team so that no prospect is forgotten


HubSpot makes the retention of clients easier

It’s easy to get complacent, especially when it comes to long-term clients or clients that seem really solid. While HubSpot is fantastic at driving new business, it’s also a seriously useful tool in retaining your customers and ensuring that you’re not refilling a leaky bucket. Every new customer is tangible growth, not just replacing what is lost! 

HubSpot allows you to automate workflows for a variety of uses, including workflows to remind your account managers about contracts that are due to be renewed, or, alternatively, workflows to automate contract renewals across your clients. 

Not only this, but HubSpot can help you to cross sell, automatically pushing your services/products at key moments in your clients’ journey with you. 

By taking the pressure off of your sales, marketing and accounts staff, they can focus on delivering a better customer experience, trusting HubSpot to handle the nitty gritty. 


HubSpot drives your conversions at every stage

Manually managing a marketing and sales funnel is labour intensive.

Fortunately, HubSpot can automate a vast majority of regular marketing processes. 

Say, for example, you’ve got a prospect that has seen your email workflow, has interacted a little, but has shown no interest in converting. They’re not yet ready to talk to your sales team. 

HubSpot will automatically enrol anyone who does not meet your specific lead scoring criteria into your ongoing marketing comms, whether that’s email updates, a newsletter or other content, slowly nurturing any prospect that was on the fence until they’re ready to convert. 


HubSpot & automation – your new best friends

So, if you’re looking to grow, it’s clear that you need one thing: automation. 


  • Allows your employees to focus on delivering results
  • Makes sure nothing is missed
  • Dramatically boosts conversions
  • Ensures your messaging is delivered consistently
  • Helps you retain clients across the board

The best tool for automation? You guessed it – HubSpot!

We’ll not waste your time – HubSpot isn’t for everyone. However, as mentioned, there’s no reason why you can’t start with the free tools, give it a go and decide whether it’s right for your organisation or not.

Give our team of friendly specialists a shout. We’re HubSpot Diamond Partners, meaning that HubSpot themselves trust us to help support you and your team with all your HubSpot needs.

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About the author

Morgan Powell’s the new kid on the block, but while he may be young, he’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to HubSpot!

He handles the day-to-day management of all HubSpot activities for our clients, from onboardings to training, setup to consultancy. It’s his job to ensure that all of our clients are getting the most out of their HubSpot and meeting their goals. 

Aside from being a HubSpot guru, Morgan likes to spend his spare time playing the guitar, writing music and performing at live events!

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