Say Hello to Lead Rotation: HubSpot’s New Sales Update

Say Hello to Lead Rotation: HubSpot's New Sales Update

Hubspot’s new Sales Automation updates now allow users to automate lead distribution, deal creation and task creation, giving your team more time to fill your inbound marketing pipeline.

Whilst the salespeople stereotype conjures up constant phone calls, meetings and networking events, according to Docurated’s State of Sales Study in 2015, salespeople only spend one third of their time actually selling and closing deals. So where do the other two thirds go?

Admin tasks such as creating CRM records, logging manual activities and searching for appropriate content to send to leads accounts for much of the working day, with 31% of a sales team’s time being spent on the latter. This is unproductive, inefficient and detrimental to sales revenue targets and your entire inbound marketing efforts.  

So here we welcome Hubspot’s new updates, Lead Rotation and Task and Deal Creation…

Lead Rotation
As your business grows, so will your pipeline, meaning manually assigning leads to your team goes from a ten minute process into an entire day’s worth of work. Hubspot’s new update automates the distribution of leads evenly across the sales department, which is a two-for-one benefit being that it keeps the rotations fair and unbiased whilst also saving precious selling time. The outcome is that your sales team can concentrate on what really matters – meeting the needs of prospects and closing deals.  

How to do it
The process is pretty simple. In your Hubspot account either edit a new workflow or create a brand new one. Once inside your chosen workflow, go to add an action and within the ‘sales’ section you’ll see a brand new option on the drop down for ‘Rotate Leads’. Here you select two or more Hubspot owners – your sales representatives – and your contacts will be spread evenly across the board. 


Task and Deal Creation

A pretty standard working formula for salespeople is as follows: for every two hours spent selling, assign one hour for admin tasks such as inputting contact details, logging tasks and scoping out new opportunities. Hubspot’s new Sales Automation updates include features that reduce the amount of time this procedure would normally take giving your team more opportunities to fill the inbound marketing pipeline.

What does Hubspot do?
Auto-creates a new task for you to follow up then the status of a deal changes.

Auto-creates a task or deal whenever you import new contacts. 

Auto-creates a new deal when a contact or prospect fills out a particular form.

Auto-creates a task for a sales person to follow up with a contact or lead who views a particular page or call-to-action. 

How to do it
Like before with Lead Rotation, go into your Workflows and select an action. Now you’ll see ‘Create a Deal’ and ‘Create a Task’. From there on out it’s pretty self explanatory.

Simply input the relevant fields and Hubspot will automate the rest.

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