HubSpot Growth Stack – What is it anyway?

HubSpot Growth Stack - What is it anyway?
Inbound 2016 has come to a close and HubSpot users, agencies and commentators have begun banging on about HubSpot’s latest marketing phrase: ‘The Growth Stack’. 
But what is it? And why should you care?

HubSpot Growth Stack.jpeg HubSpot – for those that don’t know, is an advanced Marketing Automation suite. With over 20,000 users worldwide it’s a pretty big player in the marketing automation world. But HubSpot is more than just automation – it’s the originator and creator of ‘Inbound Marketing’ (the art of getting digital prospects to come to you rather than you advertising to them). And every autumn they hold a conference that brings together more than 15,000 users, partner agencies and interested parties to the Boston International Convention Centre, USA.

As with many successful SaaS Companies, HubSpot has developed something of a cult-following and these ever passionate and loyal users eagerly assemble in their thousands to hear about technology advancements and to witness guest speakers relay real world stories of success and failure. One of the most eagerly anticipated sessions by the assembled faithful is a seminar by the product development team; who give the first glimpses at the product road map and show some tantalising product features due for imminent launch.

Inbound16 was no exception. Marketers were introduced to ‘The Growth Stack’, a collection of tools designed to work together to ensure that your Marketing, Sales and CRM work as one solid mechanism and drives growth.

The days when marketers had to use multiple and separate software packages that didn’t communicate and work well with each other are over. ‘The Growth Stack’ brings everything under one umbrella, and ensures a well-connected rather than scattered workflow.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? What does it consist of?

To make this reality, HubSpot has updated existing and developed some new tools. So, lets take a look at what you get:

What’s New?

  • Growth Stack Workflow.png Visual Workflow Editor – eye catching interface for marketers to nurture their prospects.

  • Unified App – three separate Marketing, Sales, and CRM apps get connected into one for seamless and integrated experience. 

  • Content Strategy – creation, curation, ranking, reporting and improving your content has never been before.

  • Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – a feature that instantly optimises your content for a better mobile user experience

  • HubSpot Growth Stack Marketing Free.png Facebook Ads – create, manage, measure and optimise Facebook Ads right in the HubSpot platform.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator – a perfect integration for a sales professionals.

  • HubSpot Marketing (Free) – a collection of marketing tools that enables marketers to grow their goals, for free.
  • HubSpot Messages – real-time and instant conversations between prospects and sales team. live on your website.

What’s Better?

  • HubSpot Growth Stack Meeting.png Reporting – an improved version of reporting feature to make more informative strategic decisions.

  • HubSpot Meetings – improved and integrated feature for managing meetings with clients.
  • HubSpot Projects – enhanced workload organisation and collaboration for better delivery of projects. 

  • CRM – advanced and easier way for sales team to connect with their prospects.

Wrapping Up?

As you can see, ‘The Growth Stack’ connects not only must-have marketing tools into one system, but also brings all three departments – marketing, sales and CRM – under one umbrella for better targeting, nurturing and communication with existing and prospective customers. 

This is why ‘The Growth Stack’ can be called an ultimate all-inclusive tool for continuous business growth.

As mentioned above, HubSpot invented Inbound Marketing that defined and connected the ways we nurture leads into buying customers. However, HubSpot has never stopped just there, it kept on improving things. Now business growth depends on markerters being able to have an omni-channel presence and management of their inbound campaigns. Luckily, this is what HubSpot’s Growth Stack is all about.

NB: Release dates for each element is yet to be confirmed.