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HubSpot Lead Scoring

Don't know where to start building a structure for Lead scoring? We'll point you in the right direction.

Easily Send a Meeting Link

A HubSpot meeting link is a personalised URL that allows recipients to schedule a meeting with you based on your availability as set in your HubSpot calendar. It saves time and makes it easy to book time in with your prospects. Here is how you can utilise this tool.

Edit Lifecycle Stages

Lifecycle stages represent the steps a contact takes in the sales process from initial awareness to becoming a customer and beyond. However, your business may require a more bespoke journey. Check out this video to customise your lifecycle stages.

Mapping Fields to HubSpot Properties

To ensure you are capturing every detail from your spreadsheets correctly, you need to understand how HubSpot can organise your data.

Adding Dependent Fields to Forms

A higher conversion rate is achieved by enhancing the user experience; utilize dependent fields in your forms to ensure only relevant details are requested, thereby keeping them concise.

Capturing Record Details Upon Creation

HubSpot makes it super easy to create a new record, but you also need to ensure that no important details slips through the cracks. Customise the record creation form for a fast and effective way of maintaining data standards across the whole team.

Sales Pipeline

The HubSpot sales pipeline is a visual framework that helps businesses track the progress of potential deals through different stages, from initial contact to closing the sale.